Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Main Points

These are the main points of the agreement that apply to the use of ClimateHero Climate Calculator and carbon offsetting:

  • With the ClimateHero Climate Calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your climate footprint and get help to decrease it, both through lifestyle changes and through climate compensation.
  • If you choose to offset with ClimateHero, then a fixed fee is drawn according to the price list from your credit card every month, which offsets 200% of your estimated climate footprint.
  • You may at any time update or terminate your offset subscription with a 1-month notice.
  • ClimateHero strives to maintain stable low prices for carbon offsetting. Price adjustments occur at most once per calendar year and only if the market situation for climate projects changes significantly.
  • You will occasionally receive emails from ClimateHero with news and climate-smart tips. In each email, there will be a link that allows you to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • ClimateHero respects your personal information and does not share it with third parties, except for specific cases where it is required to deliver ClimateHero’s own services or to comply with laws and regulations.

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1. General

These terms of use regarding the service ClimateHero Climate Calculator (the “Service”) apply between Climate Hero AB (“ClimateHero”) and you (“the User”).

The service is a solution that enables the User to calculate their carbon footprint and to get help to reduce it, both through lifestyle changes and through climate offsets. Climate offsets means that the user is offered the ability to eliminate their calculated carbon footprint by financing climate-positive projects in developing countries.

2. Usage of the Service

The User may only use the Service for personal, non-commercial purposes. ClimateHero reserves the right, at its own discretion, to shut down users who are deemed to violate the Terms of Use or otherwise misuse the Service. ClimateHero may also block a user account for a certain period in order to investigate any breach of contract.

The User confirms his or her identity in the Service through his or her email address, as well as in climate offsets through payment by credit card. ClimateHero cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use of the Service in the event that the User’s e-mail address or credit card is used by an unauthorized person.

3. Guidelines for Carbon Offsets

The User’s estimated carbon footprint is carbon offset by 200%.

In the case that the User chooses to also compensate for additional adults in the household, these are assumed to have the same climate impact as the User. In the case that Users choose to also climate compensate for children in the household, these are assumed to have half as large a carbon footprint as the User.

The climate offsets are done in a portfolio of climate compensation projects that are shared by all Users of the Service.

The guidelines for the portfolio are reviewed yearly and can be found at https://climatehero.me/climate-projects/.

  • At least 75% of the compensated volume shall consist of projects with the Gold Standard certification
  • A maximum of 25% of compensated volume must be in “Good Bets”, i.e. projects for which it is more difficult to calculate the exact climate benefit, but which are also extremely effective with conservative assumptions.
  • The remaining 0-25% of compensated volume shall be in projects with the certification CDM

4. Prices

The carbon offset is done at a fixed monthly cost regulated in ClimateHero’s price list.

Price adjustments are made at most once per calendar year and are notified to the User no later than 30 days before the changes take effect.

ClimateHero takes no responsibility for any tax consequences that the use of the Service entails for the User.

5. Changes in the Service

ClimateHero reserves the right to make updates and changes to the Service at any time.

6. Rights

All intellectual property rights relating to or related to the Service, including, but not exclusive to, copyright to software and source code, are ClimateHero’s exclusive property and remain with ClimateHero. The user does not receive any license or other right to use such rights through the use of the Service.

7. Personal Data

ClimateHero is the personal data controller for the processing of the personal data that the User submits to ClimateHero. The personal data is handled in accordance with ClimateHero’s personal data policy, which the User must approve to use the Service and which can be read separately at https://climatehero.me/en/data-policy/.

ClimateHero uses the User’s personal data in order to identify the User, communicate with the User, administer the User’s personal data to fulfill this agreement, for statistical purposes, and otherwise administer the Service.

The User agrees that ClimateHero sends a newsletter containing information about the Service and offers from partners to the User’s registered email address. The User always has the opportunity to unsubscribe from future newsletters by clicking on the link provided in each newsletter for this purpose.

The User has the right to request extracts from the personal data that are processed regarding the User at ClimateHero, regardless of how these are collected. The User can also request rectification, modification or updating of registered information if this cannot be done on his own in the Service. If Users wish to access or change the information, a request must be submitted to ClimateHero electronically by email. The request is sent to hello@climatehero.me from the User’s e-mail address registered in the Service.

If the User’s personal information has been processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, the User is entitled to request that the personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted. The User may at any time request that identifiable personal data be permanently deleted by terminating his account by sending an email to hello@climatehero.me.

8. Availability and Responsibility

The service is provided to the User without any obligations regarding support and ClimateHero does not provide any warranties, explicit or implicit, as far as the Service, its design, functionality or accessibility is concerned, which means that ClimateHero has no responsibility towards the User or others in the event the Service on a particular occasion cannot be used by the User (whether this is due to maintenance, updates, technical problems or any other circumstance).

Through its provision of the Service, ClimateHero will not become a party to any agreement or agreement made by the User through the use of the Service and may under no circumstances be held liable to the User for any legal acts effected through the use of the Service or otherwise for consequential or direct, indirect or consequential damages , whether predictable or unpredictable and regardless of the cause of the claim, derived from the User’s use of the Service.

9. Termination

The user is entitled to update or terminate his subscription at any time, with one month’s notice. If Users wish to change or terminate their subscription, a request must be submitted to ClimateHero electronically by email. The request is sent to hello@climatehero.me from the User’s e-mail address registered in the Service.

ClimateHero reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate these Terms of Use with immediate effect in relation to the User, to permanently discontinue the User or to suspend the User temporarily if (i) the User violates the terms herein or (ii) in the event that a third party claim is directed against ClimateHero in connection with the User’s use of or ClimateHero’s provision of the Service or (iii) if ClimateHero otherwise decides for commercial or other reasons (e.g. as a result of judgment or authority’s decision) to no longer provide the Service. Upon termination of these Terms of Use, the User shall immediately cease the use of the Service.

10. Changes and Terms

ClimateHero has the right to change these terms and conditions. Condition changes are notified to the User no later than 30 days before the changes take effect. ClimateHero may also apply a change of condition immediately if the change is necessary due to law, regulation, government regulations, court or authority decision or other similar circumstance. ClimateHero informs the User of such change as soon as it can and in the manner appropriate to the circumstances. If the User does not accept a change of condition, the User has the right to terminate this agreement for immediate cessation and thus cease use of the Service.

11. Dispute

Swedish law shall apply to these terms of use. Disputes arising out of these Terms of Use shall be settled in a public court.