Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



1. General

This privacy policy regarding the service ClimateHero Climate Calculator (the “Service”) applies between Climate Hero AB (“ClimateHero”) and you (“the User”).

The service is a solution that enables users to calculate their climate footprint and to get help to reduce it, partly through changing their lifestyle habits and partly through climate offsets.

2. Personal Data that ClimateHero Handles


ClimateHero collects information about the User when the User calculates their climate footprint through the Service, updates their personal user profile or otherwise provides ClimateHero with contact information via mail, e-mail or other digital communication channels. The information provided by the User may include names, e-mail addresses, gender, geography, self-reported lifestyle factors and other demographic claims.


ClimateHero automatically collects information about the User when using the Service, such as with which IP address the User connects to the service, dates and times, information about the browser, operating system and device, pages visited, functions used and other usage statistics.


The service uses, on ClimateHero’s websites, cookies and similar technologies to collect some of the information mentioned in these Terms and Conditions. Cookies are used for ClimateHero to be able to access usage statistics and thus have the opportunity to improve the experience for the User. If the User does not accept the use of cookies, the browser or device may be configured not to accept cookies. If thus configured, ClimateHero cannot guarantee that the Service will work properly.


ClimateHero collects information when the User, or people who are not users, interact with ClimateHero’s ads or other content on third-party websites or platforms, such as social media. This may include information such as “Likes”, profile information from social media, and statistics on views and interactions with ClimateHero’s content.


ClimateHero can collect information from users not specified above. This information can be used in accordance with this personal data policy or in accordance with what is otherwise permitted by the User.

3. How ClimateHero Uses the Gathered Information

  • To provide, maintain, and improve the Service and other services provided by ClimateHero.
  • To communicate with users and people who have otherwise shown an interest in the Service, including sending newsletters, offers and information about the Service, other services that ClimateHero provides and about ClimateHero’s partners. The User always has the opportunity to unsubscribe from future newsletters by clicking on the link provided in each newsletter for this purpose.
  • To review unauthorized or authorized use of the Service and other services provided by ClimateHero, or in other cases discover, investigate and prevent use that violates ClimateHero’s current terms or is illegal.
  • To analyze trends, administer and optimize the Service and other services that ClimateHero provides, review usage patterns and collect demographic information about users.
  • To personalize experiences in the Service adapted to the User’s lifestyle, profile information, usage history and other demographic information.
  • In a way that is specifically described for the User when the information is handled or as is otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.

4. How ClimateHero Shares the Information With Third Parties

ClimateHero does not sell, exchange, share or transfer personal data to third parties except in the following circumstances:

  • ClimateHero can share personal data with parent companies and subsidiaries.
  • ClimateHero may share personal data with third-party services to allow such parties to provide services that assist ClimateHero with business activities, which may include marketing services, communications services, or the provision, maintenance, and enhancement of functions and uses of the Service. For example, ClimateHero can share personal data through the use of services to send out ClimateHero’s newsletters, notices and other communications.
  • ClimateHero may share personal data when there are clear indications that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is necessary in order to (a) comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal proceedings or enforceable governmental requests, (b) application of Terms of Use, including investigation of any infringements thereof, or (c) protect against imminent damage by ClimateHero’s rights, property or security, or by the users or the public as required or permitted by law.
  • ClimateHero may share personal data with third parties (including service providers and authorities) to detect, counter, or otherwise deal with fraud or security or technical issues.
  • ClimateHero can share personal data with business partners who offer services to the User together with us, such as cross-border offers on how to reduce their climate footprint.
  • ClimateHero can share and / or transfer personal data if ClimateHero is purchased or merged with another company, goes bankrupt, or other type of sale of parts or all assets.
  • ClimateHero can share personal data with a third party if the User has permitted this.
  • ClimateHero can also share aggregated or anonymised data with third parties for other purposes. Such data does not identify individuals, but may include usage pattern information, climate footprint and technical information. If ClimateHero must handle the information as personal data according to the applicable law, it will only be handled as described above. In other cases when the information is not classified as personal data, ClimateHero can handle it for other purposes as well.

5. Influencing Data Collection


In some cases, ClimateHero can give the user the option of an “opt-out” from the fact that the personal data is used for certain purposes when it is collected. If the User chooses to opt-out, ClimateHero cannot guarantee that the Service will work properly.


If the User no longer wants to receive newsletters or similar communication, it can unsubscribe from these by following the instructions in the communication or in the Service. Note, however, that some communication about the Service’s main functions and other important information cannot be switched off, such as confirmation emails during completed climate calculation or climate offsets.


The User can delete or block certain cookies by using functions in the browser settings. The User may also opt out of ad tracking by shutting down and resetting it in the device or Google account, but ClimateHero cannot guarantee that the service will work fully if this is done.

6. Accessing and Changing Personal Data

The User is able to access their personal data in the Service, change their personal data in the Service, and delete their personal data in the Service. ClimateHero strives to make it as simple as possible for the User to do the above actions in the Service or, if it is not possible for the User to do it themselves, implement it for the User. Users can access, review, correct, update, modify or delete their information at any time. In that case, the User must send an e-mail to from the User’s registered e-mail address in the Service. The email should include the User’s name and the information it wishes to access, correct or delete. ClimateHero may refuse requests if the sender’s identity cannot be substantiated, if the requests are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, require disproportionate technical effort, compromise the handling of other’s personal data, are in practice impossible, are impractical or in cases where access to the information is not required. Requests are handled free of charge by ClimateHero, but not if they require disproportionate work or expenses.

If the User’s personal information has been processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, the User is entitled to request that the personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted. The User may at any time request that identifiable personal data be permanently deleted by sending an e-mail to from the User’s registered e-mail address. If the User ceases to use the Service or if ClimateHero shuts down or deletes the User’s account in accordance with the Terms of Use, the User is no longer able to access or change the personal information. ClimateHero may retain unidentifiable information if it is necessary for the Service to function and identifiable information if it is required to maintain legal obligations or resolve disputes.

7. Changes of Data Policy

ClimateHero reserves the right to change these terms. Changes to the terms are notified to the User no later than 30 days before the changes take effect. ClimateHero may also apply a change in terms immediately if the change is necessary due to law, order, image company, court or image decision or other similar circumstance. ClimateHero informs the User of such change as soon as it can take place and in the manner that is appropriate in the circumstances. If the User does not accept a change of terms, the User has the right to terminate this agreement effective immediately and thereby cease his or her use of the Service.

8. Safety

Safe handling of personal information is important for ClimateHero. Therefore, a number of technical, practical and organizational measures have been taken to protect data in the Service. Only in cases where it is necessary will employees or people who work for ClimateHero have access to the information. ClimateHero carries out security measures to resist intrusions or other harmful activity according to prevailing circumstances and abilities. Data management on the internet or other type of electronic data management is never 100% secure. Therefore, although it is sought, ClimateHero cannot guarantee complete security.

9. Dispute

Swedish law shall apply to these terms of use. Disputes arising out of these Terms of Use shall be settled in a public court.

10. Contact

Personal data controller for the processing of personal data is Climate Hero AB 556815-2754, Sandhamnsgatan 30, 115 40 Stockholm,