Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about ClimateHero, our service, and why we do this

Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about ClimateHero, our service, and why we do this

How is my carbon footprint calculated?

The ClimateHero Climate Calculator estimates your carbon footprint in units of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). This is the unit that climate researchers use to deal with the fact that the various greenhouse gases do not have the same strength in the greenhouse effect. As an example, one ton of methane gas has the same climate impact as 25 tons of carbon dioxide. This means that one ton of methane equals 25 tons carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

ClimateHero uses about 30 public sources to calculate your carbon footprint. Based on these sources and your answers in the climate calculator, we can estimate the emissions from your private consumption.

However, these estimates exclude a few tons per year associated with public investments and consumption financed by taxes (such as roads, hospitals, and schools) since this is not something that you as an individual can influence by changing your habits.

It is important that your carbon footprint is calculated as accurately as possible. But to us it is even more important that there is a quick and easy way for you to estimate your footprint and learn from the important lessons in the test. This is why the calculation contains some general assumptions, enabling us to limit the amount of questions and estimate your carbon footprint in five minutes. As a rule of thumb, we have chosen to exclude/simplify questions if the outcome is less than 0.1 tons CO2e per year.

Your carbon footprint should therefore not be interpreted as being precisely correct down to the decimal point. That being said, you will most likely end up in the correct category from the four archetypes we use to portray the carbon footprint (Climate Hero, Climate Friend, Climate Cheat, and Climate Villain).

As ClimateHero aims to help everyone on the planet to reduce their footprint, we use data sources that are internationally viable as far as possible, but supplement with country-specific data where necessary.

Click here to see a list of the data sources that the climate calculator relies upon.

How do carbon offsets work?

Carbon offsetting means that you neutralize your own carbon footprint by reducing other people’s emissions. It is a smart way to take responsibility for the carbon dioxide emissions that you cause and have not been able to bring down through changes to your own lifestyle.

The money you pay is invested in climate-positive projects that would not have happened without funding from the carbon offsetting. The climate projects are mostly in developing countries, where the main focus is on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, such as solar or wind plants, or on capturing carbon dioxide by preserving or planting forests.

Why are the offsets in developing countries?

Today, the largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions globally come from the combustion of fossil fuels for electricity and heating. In Sweden, we have passed beyond that stage and have a very climate-friendly electricity mix based on hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear power. It is therefore much more effective to install solar cells in developing countries that are still dependent on coal and oil than it is to install them on your own roof in Sweden.

At the same time, climate compensation in developing countries also functions as an effective development aid as it contributes to improved health and the reduction of poverty for the planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

How does ClimateHero work with carbon offsets?

ClimateHero works diligently to find, analyze, and invest in the most effective carbon offsetting projects available in order to optimize:

  • The climate benefit – How many tons of CO2e are eliminated?
  • The risk – How likely are the promised climate improvements to be reached or even surpassed?
  • Cost effectiveness – What is the cost per ton required to achieve the climate benefit?
  • Social improvement – How do the projects improve the life of people in developing countries?

We are proactively seeking new climate projects, and we analyze, audit, and evaluate each project according to the above parameters.

How do I know my whole footprint will truly be eliminated?

ClimateHero only invests in climate projects that withstand the market’s toughest audits; that means investments in projects that adhere to the CDM (the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism) and Gold Standard (supported by e.g. Greenpeace and WWF) standards.

By investing in a portfolio with several chosen projects shared by all Climate Heroes, the risk will spread out for a much safer investment than if you as an individual were to invest in one particular project. That is the same logic as when taking on less risk by investing in a mutual fund instead of buying a single stock.

But even if you look at the best projects on the market and spread the risk between different projects, there is of course always a risk that single projects will not achieve the promised climate benefits.

To be 100% sure that we neutralize all of your footprint, we will offset twice as many tons as your estimated footprint shows. That means even if some climate projects, against expectation, do not reach the promised climate benefit or if you sometimes need to take an unavoidable flight, then the doubling principle will make sure that you can be confident that you are living carbon neutral.

What climate projects will my money be invested in?

Your money will be invested in a portfolio of climate projects that ClimateHero has selected to provide the largest climate effect per money spent. Click here to read about the climate projects we have invested in so far. We are continuously adding new projects to the list as we grow.

How much does it cost to carbon offset with ClimateHero?

Carbon offsetting varies greatly in price between projects, depending on the type of certification, the volume, and the supply and demand. ClimateHero offsets large volumes for all of our Climate Heroes and constantly optimizes a portfolio of different climate projects that all Climate Heroes share. Therefore, we can offer a stable price over time even though new climate projects will be added and others closed.

The monthly fee is based on your calculated carbon footprint and is divided into four categories:

  1. Climate Hero (<2 tons CO2e) – €3 / month
  2. Climate Friend (2-5 tons CO2e) – €6 / month
  3. Climate Cheat (5-10 tons CO2e) – €9 / month
  4. Climate Villain (>10 tons CO2e) – €12 / month

How is my credit card handled?

Your payment is secure. It is handled in encrypted form by Stripe, the world’s third largest payment provider, established in 120 countries and handling several million transactions every day. Your credit card details are never visible to ClimateHero or third parties.

Is ClimateHero for profit?

ClimateHero’s goal is to ward off the climate threat by educating and helping the planet’s inhabitants to decrease their carbon footprint. We believe that this mission is performed better in the format of a fast-growing digital start-up than through yet another non-profit environmental organization.

ClimateHero is completely without political or ideological affiliation and is thus not dependent on any contributions or anyone else’s agenda to develop the service. Instead, ClimateHero has taken a corporate form and has as its sub-goal the aim to generate its own revenue. Revenues are reinvested in the business to develop the service and fund marketing in order to get more people to understand and decrease their climate impact.

Who keeps ClimateHero running?

ClimateHero is run by environmentally conscious entrepreneurs trying to do what they can to help tackle the defining issue of our generation. The first service that has been launched to heed that call is ClimateHero’s Climate Calculator, whose purpose is to help the planet’s inhabitants easily understand their climate impact and take smart steps to reduce it.

The service is run through the Swedish company Climate Hero AB, which was founded in 2017 for the Swedish market and is now expanding internationally to reach as may of the planet’s inhabitants as possible.

The company was founded by spouses Anna and Robert Sabelström, who has 10+ years of experience in digital innovation and sustainability issues. The idea for ClimateHero came to Robert when he was calculating his own footprint and realized how large it was.

What are the terms for climate calculation and carbon offsetting with ClimateHero?

These are the main points of the agreement that apply to the use of the ClimateHero Climate Calculator and carbon offsetting:

  • With the ClimateHero Climate Calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your carbon footprint and get help to decrease it, both through lifestyle changes and climate compensation.
  • If you choose to offset with ClimateHero, then a fixed fee according to the price list is drawn from your credit card every month, which offsets 200% of your estimated carbon footprint.
  • You may at any time update or terminate your offset subscription with a 1 month notice.
  • ClimateHero strives to maintain stable low prices for carbon offsetting. Price adjustments occur at most once per calendar year and only if the market situation for climate projects changes significantly.
  • Once in a while you may receive emails from ClimateHero with news and climate-smart tips. In each email there’s a link enabling you to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • ClimateHero respects your personal information and does not share it with third parties, except for specific cases where it is required to deliver ClimateHero’s own services or to comply with laws and regulations.

You can see the whole user agreement here:

How can I contact ClimateHero?

You can reach us at our email or through our Facebook page.

We will get back to you within 24 hours (most of the time).