How much does it cost to carbon offset with ClimateHero?

Carbon offsetting varies greatly in price between projects, depending on the type of certification, the volume, and the supply and demand. ClimateHero offsets large volumes for all of our Climate Heroes and constantly optimizes a portfolio of different climate projects that all Climate Heroes share. Therefore, we can offer a stable price over time even though new climate projects will be added and others closed.

The monthly fee is based on your calculated carbon footprint and is divided into four categories:

  1. Climate Hero (<2 tons CO2) – €3 / month
  2. Climate Cheat (2-5 tons CO2) – €6 / month
  3. Climate Fiddler (5-9 tons CO2) – €9 / month
  4. Climate Villain (>9 tons CO2) – €12 / month
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