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What are the terms for climate calculation and carbon offsetting with ClimateHero?

These are the main points of the agreement that apply to the use of the ClimateHero Carbon Calculator and carbon offsetting:

  • With the ClimateHero Carbon Calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your carbon footprint and get help to decrease it, both through lifestyle changes and climate compensation.
  • If you choose to offset with ClimateHero, then a fixed fee according to the price list is drawn from your credit card every month, which offsets 200% of your estimated carbon footprint.
  • You may at any time update or terminate your offset subscription with a 1 month notice.
  • ClimateHero strives to maintain stable low prices for carbon offsetting. Price adjustments occur at most once per calendar year and only if the market situation for climate projects changes significantly.
  • Once in a while you may receive emails from ClimateHero with news and climate-smart tips. In each email there’s a link enabling you to unsubscribe from future emails.
  • ClimateHero respects your personal information and does not share it with third parties, except for specific cases where it is required to deliver ClimateHero’s own services or to comply with laws and regulations.

You can see the whole user agreement here: