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Your climate promises

Your carbon footprint before climate promises: [score_before] tons CO2/ year

Your climate promises:

Switch to environmentally friendly electricity ([electricity-reduce] tons)

Insulate your house ([isolate_reduce] tons)

Change to a climate friendly heat source ([heating_reduce] tons)

  Replace one long distance flight with a trip within Europe ([fly_world_reduce] tons)

Change one European flight to a car/train/bus/ferry ride ([fly_europe_reduce] tons )

  Change one short distance flight to a car/train/bus/ferry ride ([fly_domestic_reduce] tons)

Join a carsharing pool ([car_pool_reduce] tons)

Replace your car with an electric vehicle ([change_car_reduce] tons)

Always ask for an electric vehicle when you rent a car ([rental_car_reduce] tons)

Always ask for an electric vehicle when you book a taxi ([eco_taxi_reduce] tons)

Walk or bike more ([bike_walk_reduce] tons)

Eat less beef and lamb ([meat_reduce] tons)

Eat more vegetarian food ([vegetarian_reduce] tons)

Eat more vegan food ([vegan_reduce] tons)

Try to shop for seasonal goods ([seasonal_reduce] tons)

Prioritize locally grown goods ([local_reduce] tons)

Fight food waste ([food_waste_reduce] tons)

Avoid products containing palm oil ([palm_oil_reduce] tons)

Go on a plastic diet ([plastic] tons)

Shop less ([shopping_reduce] tons)

Prioritize wooden and bamboo products ([wood_reduce] tons)

Adopt circular shopping habits ([circular_reduce] tons)

Maximize recycling ([recycle_reduce] tons)

Your carbon footprint after climate promises: [score_after] tons CO2 per year

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