Does your company take climate responsibility seriously?

ClimateHero can help you calculate, reduce and offset your company’s carbon footprint, as well as engage colleagues and customers in the climate challenge.

Tar ditt företag klimatansvar?

ClimateHero kan hjälpa dig att beräkna, banta och klimatkompensera ditt företagets klimatavtryck samt att engagera medarbetare och kunder i klimatfrågan.

With the ClimateHero carbon calculator for businesses you don’t need more than 5 minutes to estimate your company’s carbon footprint. The test highlights several easy steps to reducing your carbon footprint. You also get the chance to offset your estimated footprint (not mandatory).

The test is based on service companies and the questions are split into three batches: office, travel and consumption. If you produce or distribute physical products, you need to complete the estimate with a life cycle analysis. That is a little more advanced, and specific to each company, but contact us and we’ll help you!


A key element of success with any company’s climate efforts is to get all employees engaged. A good tool to use is ClimateHero’s carbon calculator for private individuals.

When your colleagues have estimated their carbon footprint as private individuals, we can share the results with you in aggregated form. You will then be able to see the average footprint per colleague, and how much they have promised to reduce their footprint by. Each person that has completed ClimateHero’s carbon calculator has on average promised to reduce his/her footprint by 30%. That makes a huge difference!


We can also develop a dedicated carbon calculator for your colleagues and customers. We start out from our own calculator, and then redesign it with your visual identity and tailor the content based on your wishes.

Our experienced consultants can also help you with carbon estimates, carbon offsets, counseling, education and inspiration.

Contact us for pricing.