Go Climate Positive

Neutralizing your carbon footprint of tons CO2e/year will only cost you $15 per month

Becoming climate positive won’t cost you more than a pizza and a soda per month!
Are you in?

How does it work?

Becoming climate positive means that you support climate positive projects that balance out your carbon footprint. For example, it could include shutting down a coal power plant in India and replacing it with solar or wind power.

To make sure that you become climate positive, we offset your calculated carbon footprint to 200%.

When you offset your carbon footprint with ClimateHero, you help support projects that are certified by the UN and are Gold Standard certified.

How is my money used?

Maintenance and development

We use 20% of your contribution to run and develop ClimateHero.

This includes all the costs for our servers, software licences, credit card fees, technology development and costs of having employees. As we grow, we will be able to reduce that proportion.

Emission reductions

The remaining 80% of your contribution enables immediate climate benefits.

We buy carbon offset certificates in Gold Standard certified projects that cover 200% of your carbon footprint. The price per tonne varies over time and between different projects. If there is money left over when we have covered 200% of your footprint, we will use it to reach more people and tell them how to calculate and start reducing their carbon footprint. On average, each person who uses ClimateHero pledges to reduce their footprint by 30%, so you contribute to an extra climate benefit.

Which climate projects will I support?

You will support climate projects around the world that have all passed the toughest quality review (the Gold Standard).

The carbon offsetting is in the form of a monthly subscription, with these features:

  • 200% of your calculated carbon footprint is offset
  • You can cancel the service at any time, with no fixed subscription period
  • Safe card payments using the world’s third biggest payment platform, Stripe

*Other adults in the household are estimated to have the same footprint as you, while any children (0-18 years) will as a rule of thumb have half as big a footprint as the parents.

Further questions

Carbon offsetting means that you neutralize your own carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions elsewhere on the planet. It is a smart way to take responsibility for the carbon dioxide emissions that you cause and have not been able to bring down through changes to your own lifestyle.

The money you pay goes to climate-positive projects that would not have happened without funding from the carbon offsetting. The climate projects are mostly in developing countries, where the main focus is on replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, or on capturing carbon dioxide by preserving or planting forests.

Today, the largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions globally come from the combustion of fossil fuels for electricity and heating. While developed countries have sufficient income (high GDP/capita) to make the shift to renewable energy, most developing countries lack the funding to do so.

Carbon offsetting in developing countries function as an effective development aid as it not only reduce carbon emissions, but also contributes to improved health and the reduction of poverty for the planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

Your payment is secure. It is handled in encrypted form by Stripe, the world’s third largest payment provider. Established in 120 countries, Stripe processes several million transactions every day. Your credit card details are never visible to ClimateHero or third parties.

You may at any time change or cancel your subscription by informing us via email at hello@climatehero.me. The cancellation period is one month, from the day you contact us. Other changes to your subscription (e.g. adding more people) are carried out immediately.

We have external auditors that review our operations, with a special focus on compliance in carbon offsetting. You will find the audit reports at the bottom of this page.

The projects we support are certified by the UN and Gold Standard. You can read more about how the auditing of the projects are conducted here.

Many people contact us asking how carbon offsetting can cost so little. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Green technology is becoming more cost-effective every year. That means that the subsidy part for each project (which is where you come in!) does not have to be so large for the project to be initiated.
  2. Today, only 0.4% of the world’s total carbon emissions are compensated for, but to meet the 1.5 degrees C goal, this percentage needs to increase fiftyfold. Thus, there are still too few people and companies that take responsibility for their climate impact. This in turn means that the supply of climate positive projects exceeds demand, which keeps the price down.
  3. ClimateHero analyses and selects projects that provide the most climate benefits per dollar spent. We buy large volumes at the best available prices, which you and all other subscribers then share. Read more about our climate projects here.

ClimateHero’s mission is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. We do this by helping the planet’s inhabitants to reduce their carbon footprints.

We do not expect to reach all the inhabitants of the world, but instead we focus on the 10% of the population who (according to Oxfam), cause 50% of our global emissions. This 10% includes most of the inhabitants of the Western world. Our overall goal is to influence 100 million of these by 2030.

ClimateHero’s mission is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by helping the planet’s inhabitants to decrease their carbon footprints. We believe that this mission is performed better in the format of a fast-growing digital start-up than through yet another non-profit environmental organization.

ClimateHero is completely without political or ideological affiliation and is thus not dependent on any contributions or anyone else’s agenda to develop the service. Instead, ClimateHero has taken a corporate form and has as its sub-goal the aim to generate its own revenue. Revenues are reinvested in the business to develop the service and fund marketing activities in order to help more people to understand and decrease their climate impact.

The Gold Standard was founded by WWF and several other NGOs, to ensure that carbon offsetting takes place with the highest possible quality and has no negative impact on the local environment. The projects are subject to the highest auditing requirements and are required to involve all relevant interested parties, including the local population.

In addition to ensuring actual climate benefits, the Gold Standard requires that projects contribute to additional sustainable development goals rather than just climate action. This means that the climate projects also contribute to improved health and reduced poverty for our planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

*Other adults in the household are estimated to have the same footprint as you, while any children (0-18 years) will as a rule of thumb have half as big a footprint as the parents.

Our Climate Impact

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