ClimateHero uses cookies in order to:

  • Make it easier for the user to navigate the website
  • Provide a better experience of using the service (i.e., calculating, reducing, and neutralizing the climate footprint)
  • Ease ClimateHero’s communication with the users
  • Calculate and report the amount of users, clicks, impressions, and traffic in the service and on the website
  • Develop and improve the website by better understanding how it is used

We use cookies for technical reasons, to facilitate the use of our services, and to provide you with relevant information when you visit our site. For the use of the service, the user’s permission to store cookies is required according to this document, since the service cannot function satisfactorily otherwise. Cookies are also used to measure traffic on our website, to collect statistics, and to improve our services. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies, unless you have disabled them by changing the settings for cookies in your browser or in your phone.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other device. This text file contains information that enables the website to recognize your computer or mobile device. The cookie is stored in the device (for example, smartphone, tablet or computer) that you use for the website to be able to recognize you the next time you visit it, or for the service to be able to provide the desired experience.

There are two types of cookies: permanent and temporary (so-called session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for an extended period. Permanent cookies are saved on your computer or mobile device until they either a) expire, after a time varying between cookies, b) are overwritten by new cookies, or c) are manually deleted by you. Session cookies are temporarily placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site, but disappear when you close the page, which means they are not permanently stored on your device.

How does ClimateHero use cookies?

We use information from cookies to make our site and the service more user-friendly and to enable us to provide custom content. We also use a number of authorized third parties who, in our place, put cookies on our site to deliver the services they provide.

These actors are listed below:

  • Facebook Inc. allows marketing in their channels based on actions made or not done on ClimateHero’s website.
  • Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiaries enable statistics of ads and interactions with ads, statistics on interactions with the website and the app, storage of encrypted user data, and display of video clips related to user data.
  • Stripe Inc. provides payment solutions for visitors to be able to carbon offset by paying on the website.

Cookies may include user settings, information about what type of content and which advertisements you have taken part in on our website or in the service. Information stored may be information on how you have surfed and used our website or service, which browser you have used, which advertisements you have seen and how you have surfed between the various websites with which we cooperate. Cookies from external vendors can be set to perform traffic measurement and to improve website and service functionality.

How do I see the cookies that are stored?

Browsers normally save all cookies in a particular directory on the computer’s hard drive. One way to know which cookies are stored on your computer is to go through that directory and examine the content. However, session cookies do not need to be stored on the hard drive, so you cannot be sure of finding them with this method.

How do I opt out of cookies?

You can choose whether you want to accept cookies or not. By enabling the settings of the device that you use in such a way that cookies are allowed, you agree to receive cookies from our website. You have the option to set whether you want cookies to be saved automatically in your device, if you want to be asked every time a cookie wants to be saved, or if you do not want any cookies to be saved. You do this by changing the settings in your browser so that it no longer allows cookies. How you do this depends on the type of browser you are using. You need to follow the same process on all browsers you use on the same and / or different computers or devices. If you choose to disable cookies, this will prevent parts of our site and service from working properly.

We ask users who do not accept cookies to avoid using the service. If users who have previously accepted these conditions want to delete already stored information in the device, the user needs to clear their data through the settings page in the device, and clear cookies in the browser, depending on the phone’s operating system. If the user does not accept the terms of this document, the user shall stop using the service.

For more detailed information about cookies, you can visit or the entity responsible for digital privacy issues in your country.

Contact information

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