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How do I know my whole footprint will truly be eliminated?

ClimateHero only invests in climate projects that withstand the market’s toughest audits; that means investments in projects that adhere to the CDM (the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism) and Gold Standard (supported by e.g. Greenpeace and WWF) standards.

By offsetting in a portfolio with several chosen projects shared by all Climate Heroes, the risk will spread out for a much safer investment than if you as an individual were to select one particular project. That is the same logic as when taking on less risk by investing in a mutual fund instead of buying a single stock.

But even if you look at the best projects on the market and spread the risk between different projects, there is of course always a risk that single projects will not achieve the promised climate benefits.

To be 100% sure that we neutralize all of your footprint, we will offset twice as many tons as your estimated footprint shows. That means even if some climate projects, against expectation, do not reach the promised climate benefit or if you sometimes need to take an unavoidable flight, then the doubling principle will make sure that you can be confident that you are living carbon neutral.